Polished Porcelain Wall Tiles

Polished Porcelain Wall Tiles

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We are offering our high quality Polished Porcelain Wall Tiles that are tough, durable and fantastic in appearance, to provide you an ideal flooring surface. Available in various tones such as brighter and lighter tone, these tiles add a completely new dimension to any area. The tiles reflect light and brightens the area in a mesmerizing glow and makes the place more inviting. The surface of porcelain tiles are hard and dense to provide a smooth walking condition, along with beautiful and unharmed reflections of light. To organize a place with less shine, the glaze of these tiles can be adjusted according to one's own preferences.

Extra features included :

  • It provides completely smooth surface and no deterioration like cracks, worn out, etc are triggered at any point of time in these porcelain tiles
  • These tiles being entirely non-combustible and water resistant, do not show signs of aging even on the surfaces filled completely with water and dust
  • These porcelain tiles are manufactured in a way that they work effectively over years after installation and would still have the glaze they had at the start
  • The polishing process underwent by these tiles is microscopically done to avoid the color spill and are colored in a way to bring out warm lights without harming the eyes.