Orissa Squatting Pan

Orissa Squatting Pan

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A squatting toilet famous as squat toilet, Turkish Toilet or Indian Toilet used by squatting instead of sitting on the seat. They are designed to insert in the floor and leaving the usable area on the floor that is visible. Several type of squatting toilet pans are available with us likewise Eastern Pan, Orissa Pan, Medium Deep Pan (M.D Pan). All of them made with squat toilet that is proven is good for knees and body as compared to western toilet. They are high in demand in various foreign places as well especially in Uganda, Senegal, Kenya, Iraq, Congo, Iran, Dubai, Tanzania and Jordan.


  • Very attractive due to its excellent finishing
  • Available in compact sizes
  • Robust structure which is able to bear heavy loads
  • Easily usable and cleansable

20" & 23" Orissa Pan

Product 20", 21" and 23" Orissa pan Or Full Deep Pan 
Origin India 
Quality Premium 
M.O.Q 1 x 40" Container 
Packing 5 ply box packing or 3 ply corrugated paper packing 
Delivery Within 20 days after order conformation 

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