Industrial Tiles

Industrial Tiles

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Madhav Export is one of the leading exporter of Industrial Tiles from Morbi. As an Exporter our wings are spread in more than 10 countries. Our wide range of Parking Tiles allow us to dominate the international market with best competitive rates. We provide minimum turn around time on export order as we have more than five years of experienced team for export pre and post shipment.

Parking Tiles Product Detail:- 


 Industrial Tiles


 300 x 300 MM , 400 x 400 MM


 Garden Area, Industrial Area, Swimming  Pool  Area, Parking Area.




 1 x 20" Container


 Within 15 Days

Parking Tiles Stuffing Detail:-


 400 x 400 MM

 No Of Pallet


 Box Per Pallet


 Sq. Mtr Per Pallet


 Total Box Per Container


 Total Sq. Mtr Per Container


 Approximately Weight Per Container

 27.5 M.t

Kindly contact us for Heavy duty parking tiles, Industrial Tiles, Digital vitrified parking tiles, 400 x 400 MM Digital Parking Tiles, Ivory parking tiles, Outdoor Tiles to cover your parking flooring.