Double Charge Floor Tiles

Double Charge Floor Tiles

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Our Double Charge Floor Tiles has been created by employing new digital printing technology over vitrified tiles. For making these special tiles, vitrified tiles are passed through a press that prints two layers of tiles and amalgamates them together to form a layer that is 3 to 4 mm thicker than other tiles. This part contains the intricate designs of the tile and makes up for about one fourth of the tile. This layer is then implanted on base layer that is distinguishable from the upper layer. The thickness of the upper layer results in a long-lasting tile surface, making it an excellent choice for places that face heavy traffic such as airport, colleges, schools, hospitals and commercial projects. Further, the glazed upper layer of the porcelain tile leaves a plenty of room for printing of various patterns on it. Therefore, these tiles can be availed in varied range of elegant patterns and colors. Some of the other advantages of Double Charge Floor Tiles provide are:

  • Abstract patterns that adds a character to your interiors without overwhelming your space
  • Superb consistency and longer retention of their texture and shine for greater time span.
  • Value for money for the quality provided
  • Facilitates easy installations, low maintenance and convenient cleaning provision.